Sunday, July 3, 2011

Amanda E. Epperson - Speaker Profile

Amanda E. Epperson


Websites: The Scottish Emigration Blog; The Historian’s Family
Location: Cleveland, OH, I am available to travel
Topics: Immigration History, Architectural History, Blogging, Scotland, and Ohio


·         It takes a Village: How to Research an entire Community”

o    Cluster genealogy is a useful technique for finding elusive ancestors.  In this lecture learn how to use it to find an entire community.

·         “Seeing the Past Around You: Identifying Your Ancestor’s House”

o    Architecture reflects national trends and philosophies.  In this lecture, learn the basics of American Architectural history to gain insight into an ancestor’s house. 

·         “The Ugly Side of Immigration: Nativism and Restriction”

o    Understanding opposition to increased immigration post-1865 and the ensuing nativist movement will provide context for your ancestor’s life experience.

·         “We are not tired, poor, or huddled: Understanding the World of Rural Immigrant”

o    This lecture examines the movement of several cultural groups (inc. Swedes, Scots, and Norwegians) and their experience in settling the West. 

·         “I Blog therefore I am: How to create and use blogs”

o    Come and learn why you might want a blog, how to set one up and how to participate in the “blogosphere.”

·          “Tartan Buckeyes: Scottish Communities in Ohio”

o    This lecture will examine the migration of Scots to Ohio, the location of their communities, their occupations, the importance of religion, their relations with other British cultural groups, and evidence of cultural continuity.  

·         “Immigration and Family History”

o    An introduction to immigration to the United States since 1600  and how knowledge of these movements can help you find your ancestors.

·         “Maps and Family History”

o    Learn about the history of maps and map making and the usefulness of maps for family history.

·         “Who Are You?: An Introduction to Genealogy”

o   A brief introduction to genealogy and tips for those who want to pursue it as a hobby and those who do not.