Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mary Clement Douglass - Speaker Profile

Mary Clement Douglass

Blog: Notes That Matter at
Location: Salina, KS, available nationwide
Topics: preservation of archival collections, lineage societies, genealogical methods, research in Kansas and Iowa

  • "Cheating Time" Methods for preserving family heirlooms, papers and photographs for the next generation
  • "Help! I've Fallen Under My Genealogy Notes and I Can't Get Up"
    Organize your notes so you can find what you need, when you want it
  • "Introduction to Land in America"
  • "Kinship Theory and Genealogy"
    Family is more than just a blood-line.
  • "Women Homesteaders"
  • "The Numerical Index"
    The other land record. Trace the land itself to find missing heirs and migration paths
  • "Genealogy 101"
    A brief introduction to genealogy and family history for beginners
  • "Best Sources for Civil War Research"
    Top Five places to find records on your Civil War ancestor, and a few more.
  • "The Silent Stone Speaks"
    Learn what organizations your ancestor belonged to by the symbols on their tombstones
  • "Portrait of an ancestor"
    Place your ancestors in their historical context.
  • "More Than Just Pretty Pictures"
    Effectively use maps in genealogical research. Geography for genealogists.
  • "Bring' em Back Alive!: Capturing Ancestors Today"
    Tips for recording and transcribing oral histories of the living ancestors.
  • "There's No Place Like Home!"
    Find your ancestors without leaving the comfort of your hometown using home and local library resources.
  • "Don't Leave Home Without It"
    Prepare to take your research on the road and make your trip effective.
  • "Getting Past Your Brick Wall"
    The clue you need may be buried in your notes. Learn the secret used by the professionals -- the research report.
  • "Read That Deed For All Its Worth"
    Are you using ALL the clues found in a deed, mortgage, lease, and other individual land transfers?
  • "So you want to hire a professional genealogist"
    How to contact, evaluate, and engage a professional genealogist and get the best value for your money.
  • "So you want to be a professional genealogist"
    Some things to think about before you "hang out your shingle."
  • "A Proud Heritage"
    Are you eligible for membership in one of the many hereditary societies? Learn how to submit a successful application.
  • "Genealogical Research in Iowa"
    An overview of the history, geography and settlement of Iowa with the major repositories for genealogical research
  • "Historic Trails Across Kansas"
    Because of the state’s central location, Kansas was a pass-through area for many early trails. These included military roads, commercial trails and immigrant routes westward.
  • "Genealogical research in Kansas"
    An overview of the history, geography and settlement of Kansas with the major repositories for genealogical research
  • "Kansas on the World Wide Web"

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