Friday, July 10, 2015

Joy Neighbors - Speaker Profile

Google+: Joy Neighbors
LinkedIN: Joy Neighbors

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
 Available to travel nationwide in the US, Canada and Europe

I am ...
an avowed “Tombstone Tourist” with an avid interest in cemeteries, history, photography and travel. I have researched and written my weekly cemetery culture blog, A Grave Interest for over five years and speak throughout the U.S. on topics dealing with secret symbols, cemetery records, digital death and spooky cemeteries for libraries (includes LEU credits), genealogical, historical and educational sessions and conference

I'm also a professional freelance magazine writer who does travel features, a regular wine column for several magazines, a weekly wine blog called Joy’s JOY of Wine, and a monthly genealogy column for Inside Toronto. In my spare time, I do theatre acting and Improv comedy. I suppose you could say writing is my passion and cemeteries are my diversion … into another world.

Please visit my website for more information and a detailed explanation of each lecture. Indiana libraries allow LEUs for presentations. If other states are interested in offering credits, please contact me.


A Guide to Funerary Art

The Art of the Mausoleum

EBay You Ancestors

The Genealogy of Your House

Preparing For Your Digital Demise

Searching For Clues in the Cemetery

Secret Societies and Their Symbols

The Silent Language of the Stones

The Talking Tree Stones

Things That Go Bump … In the Cemetery

White Bronze Monuments – Forever

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nancy E. Loe, MA, MLS – Speaker Profile

Nancy Loe is available for genealogy presentations and panels, including local and regional meetings, webinars, and state and national conferences.
Presentation Titles:

  • Managing Your Digital Environment (accompanying eBook)
  • Organizing Your Genealogy Research Using Archival Principles (accompanying eBook)
  • Using Macs and iPads for Genealogy (accompanying eBook)
  • Sources and Citations Simplified (accompanying eBook)
  • Think Like an Archivist: Finding History in Libraries and Archives (accompanying eBook)
  • Picture This: Cataloging Your Digital Family Photographs (accompanying eBook)
  • Coming to America: Castle Garden, Ellis Island, and Your Immigrant Ancestors 
  • (accompanying eBook)
  • Staying Organized Online: New Resources for Your Online Life
  • Finding Your Chicago Ancestors From Afar
  • Genealogy Without Tears: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Enemies of Paper: Preserving Your Family Records and Photographs
  • Organizing Your Family Papers and Photographs


  • RootsTech, Salt Lake City
  • Illinois State Genealogical Conference
  • Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
  • Pikes Peak Genealogical Society, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • San Diego County Genealogical Society
  • Sacramento Public Library
  • Family History Expo (Arizona and California)
  • Santa Barbara County Genealogical Society
  • Ventura County Genealogical Society
  • Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego

Location: Central Coast, California, and willing to travel nationwide
Availability and rates: contact Nancy here.

Expertise: Read a bio of Nancy here.
Organizing genealogy research, managing digital environments; digital photograph scanning, captioning, and organization; preservation methods; getting started; sources and citations; migration experiences and records

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Janice M. Sellers - Speaker Profile

Janice M. Sellers


Web Site:


Facebook:  Ancestral Discoveries

Google+:  Janice Sellers, Ancestral Discoveries

Location:  Oakland, California; available anywhere

Topics:  newspapers, vital records, women, forensic genealogy, Jewish genealogy, black genealogy, immigration, naturalization

  • Read All about It!:  Using Online Newspapers for Genealogical Research
  • Using Online Historical Jewish Newspapers for Genealogical Research
  • Using Online Historical Black Newspapers for Genealogical Research
  • Using the Subscription Newspaper Web Sites at FamilySearch Centers and Libraries
  • Following a Family's History over 100 Years through Newspaper Articles
  • Amazing Things You Can Find in the Newspaper about Your Ancestors
  • Introduction to Genealogy: Family History to Share with Your Family
  • Introduction to Jewish Genealogy
  • Jewish Genealogy: Why Is This Research Different from All Other Research?
  • Valuable Information in Freedmen's Bureau Records
  • Reconstructing Family Information When You Start with Almost Nothing: A Case Study
  • Grandma, Who Are You?: Finding the Maiden Names in Your Family Tree
  • Reconstructing Family Information When You Start with Almost Nothing: A Case Study
  • Vital Records and the Calendar Change of 1752
  • Get Me to the Church on Time: Finding Religious Records
  • Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: What's Buried in Cemetery Records
  • Where There's a Will: Probate Records Can Prove Family Connections
  • They Died in San Francisco: A Little Used Source of Pre-1906 Deaths
  • Immigration and Naturalization Research
  • Anybody Home?: Using City (and Other) Directories in Your Research
  • Reading and Transcribing American Colonial Handwriting
  • They Wouldn't Put It on the Web If They Didn't Want Me to Use It: Copyright Issues for Genealogy
  • What Is Forensic Genealogy Really?
  • A Tale of Two Brothers: The Patriot and the Outlaw
  • Using Finding Aids for Jewish Records to Help Research Non-Jewish Ancestors
I am passionate about genealogy.  I love researching my own family and everyone else's, and I will talk your ear off about the cool things I have found.  I like fitting all the pieces together and figuring out which people belong to which families.  I also love to find the stories behind the people and learn as much as I can about why they did what they did.  I look at the historical context around the people I research.

I am lucky enough to do what I love for a living.  I am a professional genealogist who specializes in Jewish, forensic, and newspaper research.  I conduct research and teach.  I am also active as a volunteer in the genealogy community.  I edit three genealogy journals: The Galitzianer, focused on Jewish research in the former Austrian province of Galicia; ZichronNote, journal of the San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society (SFBAJGS); and The Baobab Tree, journal of the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California (AAGSNC).  I am the vice president and publicity director for SFBAJGS, and a board member of AAGSNC and California State Genealogical Alliance.  I have been on the staff of the Oakland FamilySearch Library since 2000.

I am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, Council for the Advancement of Forensic Genealogy, Genealogical Speakers Guild, California Genealogical Society, and Gesher Galicia.  Before becoming a professional genealogist, I worked in publishing for many years as an editor, indexer, translator, and compositor.